Grooming Basics For New Dog Owners

If you have recently brought home a new dog then you want to make sure you take good care of it. Along with feeding it well, vaccinating it, exercising it and loving it, you also need to make sure you take care of its grooming needs. This basic guide to dog grooming will serve to be helpful to you if you are a new dog owner:

Some breeds require a lot more grooming than others

If you are still deciding on the type of dog you want, you may want to consider the grooming requirements. Dogs with shorter hair generally only require regular baths and brushing to cut down on shedding and dandruff. There are some dogs that usually get specific cuts, such as poodles. There are also some dogs that need to be brushed at least once a week in order to prevent tangles, such as collies. When choosing a breed that's right for your family, you want to decide how much you want to put into their at-home grooming care and take them to the groomers for their cuts and other additional grooming needs.

Groomers can take care of many grooming tasks besides clipping and bathing dogs

When you take your dog to the groomer you want to keep in mind that they can do much more for your dog than simply giving them a bath and grooming their fur. A groomer will also clip your dog's nails if they need it. Indoor dogs tend to need their nails clipped more often than outdoor dogs because they don't naturally wear them down on their own.

The groomer may also offer the service of expressing your dog's anal glands if they have a problem with theirs. Some dogs have an issue with some feces getting stuck behind their glands, which can cause bad odors and even some leakage. Groomers can express the feces out from behind the glands while tending to the dog. They will also clean out your dog's ears which can help prevent ear mites and ear infections. Some dog's need to have the hair removed from their ears, such as cocker spaniels. The groomer will use a special powder in the ear first and then pull the hair out in a way that does not hurt the dog.

Your dog can also be given a flea and tick bath with a special shampoo that will help to kill any fleas and/or ticks that they may have on them. In the future, you may want to consider going with a once a month preventative, so they don't get fleas and ticks anymore.

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