3 Tips Before Taking Your Pup To Doggie Daycare For The First Time

Doggie daycare is a lifesaver when you work long hours or need to go out of town without your pooch. Your dog gets to play with other dogs and get plenty of human attention in a safe environment, giving you peace of mind. Before you bring your dog to doggie daycare for the first time, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Tour the Facility First

Doggie daycare comes in a wide range of price points, and the quality can vary as well. It's a good idea to tour a prospective daycare in person instead of just relying on the website. A doggie daycare under great management will be clean, comfortable, and have plenty of space for dogs to play, get exercise, rest, and eat meals. The dogs should seem happy and well cared for, instead of anxious and neglected.

Do a Short Test Run

Before leaving your dog at doggie daycare for an entire workday or a vacation, it's a good idea to test things out by bringing your pup to play for a few hours. In fact, many doggie daycares require this step to make sure your dog and the facility are a good fit. If you choose a doggie daycare with a webcam service, you can even watch your dog from your phone or computer.

Pay attention to his behavior. If there are lots of tail wags and he seems to be getting along great with the other dogs, that is a great sign. Some dogs are shy or anxious at first in a new setting, and if that's the case be on the lookout for the staff to give him special attention and reassurance.

Make Sure Your Pup is Comfortable

When it's finally time to bring your dog to doggie daycare for the first time, there are things you can do to make sure he's comfortable. Bring a blanket from home or a tee shirt that smells like you to keep in his kennel or bed. If your dog will be there long enough for meal-time, bring his food and bowls from home along with feeding instructions.

Even if you feel nervous, keep your goodbye and return short, upbeat, and casual. This will signal to your dog that going to doggie daycare is nothing to worry about.

By taking your time and choosing the best doggie daycare facility for you and your pup, you will be able to relax knowing your dog is in great hands. Check out a website like http://www.aocb.com for more information and assistance.