Do Your Children Want A Dog? Well, Teach Them Responsibility With A Golden Retriever

Children are often in love with the idea of having a pet. However, they do not understand the responsibility of owning one. Dogs need attention, food, need to be walked, cleaned up after and more. If your child does not understand these responsibilities, then you are going to be left to pick up the slack. Read on to find out how golden retrievers (Goldens) can teach your children responsibility.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

Golden retrievers do not make good guard dogs because they love people too much. This animal is playful, intelligent, obedient, well-mannered, kind to strangers, great with kids and a classic family companion. It also needs people and a good choice for large, active families.

Must Plan Out An Exercise Schedule

A child with a golden retriever will learn organizing skills and responsibility. Golden retrievers need a lot of exercise, but can be satisfied with a couple of daily walks. They enjoy playing chase with children, swimming, walking, biking, hiking and running.

One of the responsibilities of owning a dog is making sure the pet gets enough exercise. Your child will need to come up with an exercise schedule for his new pet. Exercising the dog also allows your children to get exercise and strengthens their bond with their dog.

Help With Grooming

Animals and humans must stay well groomed. It depends on the age of your children when it comes to how much they can help. Older children can carry out more responsibilities than the younger ones. This species of dog does require basic grooming. Goldens are what is considered a double coated breed. They lose hair, but shedding can be reduced with regular brushing and the use of an undercoat rake.

Goldens also require regular bathing. You and your children can decide on how often. However, it should not be done to the point that your pet's coat and skin becomes damaged. Using quality shampoo will help with keeping your Golden clean.

You have to make sure your pet's nails are clipped regularly. Long nails are uncomfortable for your dog and for anyone that your pet jumps on. It can also cause problems with the shape of your pet's foot and cause it to splay.

Children who take care of dogs learn what it is like to have another creature rely on them. This interaction teaches responsibility in a way no other experience can. It also teaches a sense of respect and empathy for life. Contact a company like Honor Service Dogs for more information and assistance.