Think About Getting An Aussiedoodle

If you are thinking about buying a new dog, you might be interested in getting an aussiedoodle. Aussiedoodles are a combination of an Australian shepherd and a poodle. If you are thinking about getting one of these puppies to share your life with, you might be interested in what the breed is like and what you should look for when buying one.


The poodle and the Australian shepherd are both considered to be some of the smartest dog breeds. That means that the puppies are likely to be pretty smart. Smart dogs can be good to have since they can understand much of what you are trying to teach them, but they can also get bored easily. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of things for your puppy to play with so that they can enrich themselves and not get bored. Even if it's as simple as a toy where they have to work to get treats, that will give them something to do. 

High Energy

These dogs tend to have the Aussie shepherds' energy level, so they are going to need a good play session or walk at least daily. If you can give them a job to do around your house or spend time each day training them, the puppy will be happier, and it will help burn off their energy. If you don't help channel that energy, they may get destructive trying to direct it themselves. One thing that you can do is to consider training them in agility or rally because that will challenge both their brains and their energy. Plus, it can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog. The sooner you can start training them with other dogs—even in just basic commands like "sit," "stay," "drop it," or "leave it"—the better because they can turn stubborn as they get older. 

Family Friendly

Aussiedoodles puppies tend to grow into amiable dogs that can do well with families. They really thrive in company, and since the shepherd is a herding dog, they will try to herd your family together to keep an eye on all of you are the same time and keep you all safe.  

If you are going to get a new dog, you might consider getting an asussiedoodle. They can be a great pet and may be the perfect animal for you and your family.