Pick The Right Boarding Facility To Get Exercise For Your Dog

Going on a business trip or vacation without your dog will require you to find care for them while you are away from home. A boarding facility gives them a place to exercise and sleep.

As someone who exercises with your dog often, you may want them to continue exercising during your absence. Fortunately, you can find a boarding facility with the right features, services, and qualities to provide your dog with enough exercise to satisfy your needs.

Play Area

Prioritize finding facilities with large play areas where your dog can roam around during their stay. You can analyze these play areas through boarding facility websites and their social media pages. Look at what the company has posted in the area to get an idea of its size and offerings. Another reliable strategy is to request an in-person tour to see the play area for yourself.

An open space where dogs spend time is ideal because your dog can hang out with the ones they like the most and run around for exercise. Consider prioritizing an indoor play area because dogs can always play there without worrying about the weather and elements.


Many dog boarding facilities offer a variety of amenities for dogs to enjoy during their stay. Some great examples include a shallow pool, obstacle course, hose, toys, and sprinklers. A pool only needs a bit of water for dogs to play in it, and you do not have to worry about additional dangers.

An obstacle course is something your dog may enjoy using on their own. You can do a test run at a boarding facility and get a report card that tells you about their overall stay. A dog that loves the course may encourage you to continue using the same facility. However, you may find that they prefer other exercise options, and this is when you can consider looking elsewhere.


While at home and working regular hours, you may love taking your dog out on several walks per day for exercise and bonding. An excellent option is to use a boarding facility that offers walking services so that you can make sure your dog sticks with a consistent routine.

Exercising is something that you may know keeps your dog happy and healthy. Running around the house and going on daily walks are two activities a boarding facility can help provide. Before you go on a trip, you should find a boarding facility that gives your dog ample exercise.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a pet boarding facility near you.