A Labradoodle Might Be A Good Choice For Your Next Puppy

Are you thinking about getting a puppy? If so, then you might not be set on a specific breed yet. If you're still in the process of learning about some of the many breeds out there, then one you should check out is the Labradoodle. This is a Labrador (Lab) and Poodle mix. When bred together by a responsible breeder, these dogs produce a breed of their own that had become very popular for many reasons. Some of these reasons include the following:

They have a nice size for many families

Some people prefer smaller dogs. However, there are a lot of people who like dogs that are larger. For some of these people, the Labradoodle would be a good choice. They range in size but tend to fall somewhere between 50 and 90 pounds when full-grown. One of the good reasons for going to a Labradoodle breeder for your pup is they can give you a good idea of how big the puppy will become by considering the size of the parents. The breeder may have more than one litter available, so you have some choices and have a better chance of getting the size you really want. 

This breed has a playful personality but knows when to calm down

A Labradoodle is a fun dog that has plenty of energy. So, you can take it on outdoor activities, and it can keep up with you. You can also let it out in the backyard with the kids to play and it will wear them out for you. However, this breed is usually great about knowing it's time to settle down when they come back into the house. While they may be large, it is possible to have them in small homes with enough daily exercise provided to them. 

These dogs are great learners

Since the Labradoodle is a large breed of dog, it will be even more important for them to be obedience trained. More fantastic news about them is they are intelligent and like to show off. This makes it easy for you to obedience train them. Also, there is so much more they are capable of learning. Many people train their Labradoodles for things like competing in agility courses, acting as therapy dogs, and even just doing entertaining tricks. Since they are such active and agile dogs, they are also great dogs to play Frisbee and fetch with. They normally like swimming too, so they'll likely love spending time at the lake or the beach. Talk to a labradoodle breeder about the things you would like to do with your pup, and they can recommend ones to you because they know all the puppies' personalities.