Why Does Your Pet Need To See The Veterinarian Annually?

You bring your child to the pediatrician and you take yourself to the internist every year. Getting check-ups is important, and you know it. But what about your pet? Here's where the veterinarian comes in.

Well visits aren't just for humans. Animals need an annual checkup with their doctors too. If visiting the vet isn't on your must-do list, take a look at why you shouldn't skip the once-a-year appointment.

Preventative Medicine

Your dog can't tell you when something is wrong. Beyond that, your pet doesn't know if there's a minor problem that's lurking just beneath the surface. And neither do you. But the vet can assess your pet, looking for possible problems.

Instead of waiting for your pet to get sick before taking them to the veterinarian, well visits help you to spot problems before they become major issues. Along with a physical exam, bloodwork done during a routine check-up can clue the doctor into anything that isn't exactly going right. This gives the vet the opportunity to come up with a treatment plan, helping to heal your pet.

Vaccination Schedule

You don't want your pet to get sick if they don't have to. And vaccinations are one way of stopping illness before it starts.

During your pet's well-visit, the vet will review what vaccinations your dog or cat has already had. If your pet is all caught up on their immunizations, then there's nothing to do. But if your pet is due for another vaccination, now's the time to immunize.

Keep in mind that some vaccines are required by law (depending on your local pet/animal rules and regulations). This typically means that your pet needs a rabies shot either every year or every three years.

Along with the required vaccines, your vet may strongly recommend core vaccines. These are vaccines that are considered vitally important for all pets. Core vaccines for dogs include distemper, rabies, canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. The cat cores include feline distemper, rabies, feline herpesvirus type 1, and feline calicivirus.

If your pet is around other animals or if they go outdoors, your vet may recommend additional vaccines.

Questions Answered

Is your dog eating too much food? Does your cat get enough exercise? You have questions. And you need answers. The annual check-up isn't just a time for the vet to interact with your pet. It's also a time for you to ask questions. From feeding schedules to behavioral issues (and everything in between), come to the visit prepared with a list of questions or concerns that you have.

The annual veterinarian check-up is absolutely essential when it comes to your pet's health. Whether your pet has a problem now or seems perfectly fine, think of the well-visit as a way to make sure that your furry friend stays in top shape. Contact a vet at a location like Animal House Veterinary Hospital to learn more.