3 Ways To Find A Good Dog Breeder

The single biggest thing that you should prioritize when attempting to purchase a purebred dog is finding a good dog breeder in order to ensure that the poodle puppy that you buy for you and your family is healthy and comes from a line of dogs that don't have behavioral issues or health problems. Listed below are just a few ways to find a good dog breeder to get your puppy from.

See How The Dogs Behave Around The Breeder

One of the single best ways to tell if you are dealing with a good dog breeder is to see how the dogs behave around the breeder. If the dogs and puppies are hesitant around the breeder or actively avoiding the breeder, it could mean that the breeder is somewhat abusive to the animals or neglects the animals. At that point, you not only do not want to do business with that particular breeder but you may also want to consider contacting someone and reporting the breeder for potentially abusive or neglectful behavior.

Read The Contract

Another way to make sure that the reader that you are considering is reputable is to read the contract that the breeder should require you to sign before you take possession of the puppy. The reason for this is that a reputable breeder is going to want to make sure that the puppy is going to good home and that you are going to be taking care of that puppy.

As a result, the contract should include clauses stating that if for whatever reason you cannot keep the puppy, that you will return it to the breeder. In addition, the contract will also include requirements stating that you must get the puppy vaccinated and that certain required procedures are completed in order for you to comply with the contract. If any of these clauses are missing or if the breeder doesn't require you to sign a contract, then those are warning signs that it may be a good idea to do business with someone else instead.

Ask For Medical Records

Finally, make sure that you take the time to ask for medical records for the parents of the puppy that you are planning on purchasing. In many cases, this is going to be used in order to determine if your puppy is going to be susceptible to some major health issues that may be present in the breed in the future.

A reputable breeder is not going to hesitate at all to provide you with these medical records and should have them on hand for anybody that is asking about purchasing a puppy. If the breeder hesitates or is unwilling to provide you with those medical records, then you can pretty much assume that the breeder is trying to hide something and it is probably a good idea for you to move on and find a different breeder.

Speak with local dog breeders today in order to discuss the health and condition of their dogs and in order to determine if they have a puppy available that meets your needs. Seeing how the dogs behave around the breeder, reading the contract provided by the breeder, and asking for medical records are all very good ways to find a reputable and good dog breeder.