4 Expenses To Consider Before Purchasing A Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are a popular, sought-after dog these days. Inexperienced pet owners may assume that a smaller dog is cheaper to maintain than a large breed. But because these dainty dogs are bred to be tiny and are often the runts of a litter, they can be more delicate than regular Yorkies. This can result in higher maintenance costs. 

Before you take the plunge as a teacup Yorkie owner, you should make sure you can afford all of the care your little companion will need during their life. Below are some of the expenses you can expect. 

Purchase Price

The cost of purchasing a teacup Yorkie reflects their high demand as well as the difficulty in breeding them. However, the range in price is significant. A teacup Yorkie puppy may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $2000. If you are buying on the lower end of the scale, anything less than $500, you should be aware of scams, unethical breeders, and potential health issues the puppy may have. 

If you find a listing for a free teacup Yorkie, you should be particularly wary. These puppies are very rarely given away and you may end up loosing more in adoption fees or vet bills than you would have spent purchasing a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. 

Puppy Training Classes

Because teacup Yorkies are so small but often have large, loud personalities, it is critical for them to be socialized with other dogs. This can help prevent dog fights, which could cost a teacup Yorkie their life. In most areas, you can expect to pay $40-$125 for group puppy training classes.

However, after you finish socializing your puppy in basic classes, you may want to pay for a few additional private classes at your home at between $30-$100 per hour. These sessions can help your puppy learn to stay away from areas where they might get stepped on. Full obedience classes are not usually necessary for teacup Yorkies. 

Vet Bills

Just like any dog, you should expect to pay for annual visits to the vet. The average cost of a visit is $50. However, teacup Yorkies are known to have a higher risk of certain diseases and ailments that can quickly increase your vet costs. Teacup Yorkies on the smaller end may suffer from a collapsed trachea during their puppy years. You may need to purchase a special collar that will help support their neck. As they age, they are at high risk for hip dysplasia and bone disease, which may require surgeries or emergency care.

Micro breeds also commonly suffer from hypoglycemia and nutritional deficiencies. These may require special medication or, at the very least, a special dog food that will increase your ownership costs. 


Yorkies are a long-haired breed. Their hair grows quickly and needs to be managed on a daily basis or it will get tangled and knotted. While grooming your teacup Yorkie at home is possible, many owners prefer to take their dogs into a groomer once a week or at least once a month for deep conditioning and nail services. Regular visits to the groomer can quickly increase the cost of pet ownership. 

In general, the annual ownership cost for a dog is estimated to be around $695. However, with a teacup Yorkie, you may find that your expenses are actually a few hundred dollars more than the average cost, and you should have money saved for emergency health issues. While a teacup Yorkie can be a pleasure for their owner, you should make sure you can afford one without stressing your finances before you agree to a purchase.