New Kitty Undergoing Surgery? Why Your Other Pets Should Be Boarded

Introducing a new cat to the family can be a difficult task, especially if you have other pets. However, that's not the only time that difficulties can arise. If your new cat is about to undergo surgery, whether to be spayed, neutered, or something else, it may be a bad idea to bring your kitty home to the rest of your pets. Here are three good reasons why boarding your pet family is a good idea for the wellness of your new cat.


When your cat comes home, it will have undergone a trauma and will need time to heal. Since cats like to isolate themselves when they're not feeling their best, this means your cat will most likely want privacy.

Unfortunately, other pets can often intrude upon pets that are looking for private time. This could be true of a friendly pet that's missed your cat and wants to know why it smells strangely from being at the vet's office, or it could be a territorial pet that wants to take the opportunity to hurt or frighten your new kitty while they're not feeling like themselves. In either case, your cat will want to withdraw in an effort to protect itself.

Boarding your other pets allows your kitty time to feel better and safer in group settings. After a couple days, the company of your other pets will be welcomed by your kitty.

Lack of Aggression

Unfortunately, your other pets aren't the only ones that could act violently around your kitty. If your kitty can't find its private space, it may become aggressive towards your other pets or even you.

Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that your new kitty is going to be an aggressor forever. They just aren't feeling like themselves and need that to be respected. By giving your cat a couple days, you can reduce the risk of them lashing out and frightening or hurting your other pets in its self-defense efforts.

Less Stress = Faster Healing Time

Whether your cat is scared, aggressive, or simply tired because it doesn't feel safe resting around other pets right now, stress is a bad thing for anyone to undergo. Stress can potentially slow down the healing process and make it harder for your kitty to feel like themselves.

By removing your pets for the first couple days that your kitty is home, they can simply relax. Allowing them to curl up where they feel safest and giving them the privacy they need can keep their stress to a minimum. Once they're ready for your other pets to come home, they will be able to resume their existing relationship with your pets without any fear or anger getting in the way.

Pet boarding facilities aren't just for people who are going on business trips and vacations. If your vet has told you that your kitty will need a couple days to recuperate, consider saving your cat and yourself some trouble and get the rest of your pet family boarded. Contact a service, like Animal Care Center of Forest Park, for more help.