Where The Wild Things Meow: What To Know Before Purchasing Your Bengal Cat

If you've decided to purchase a Bengal cat, you should be prepared for total package. This is particularly important if you've never had any experience with this particular breed before. While they are cats, they're cats that stem from a crossing between a domestic cat and a wild cat, which means they're going to be slightly different than your typical domestic house cat. Before you invest in your new feline companion, here are four things you'll should know about Bengal cats.

Be Mindful of the Cross Rating

When it comes to purchasing a Bengal cat, the one thing you need to pay attention to is the cross rating. If you're not familiar with that term, the cross rating is the total percentage of wild to domestic that Bengal cats have been bred with. For instance, if it's the first breeding between wild and domestic, the kittens will be considered F1. Each subsequent breeding will raise the number by one. That means that kittens with larger numbers will be farther removed from the wild side of their genetics. If you want a Bengal cat that will display less of the more aggressive, wild traits, you'll want to choose a kitten with a higher "F" rating.

Consider Noise Restrictions

If you live in an apartment or condominium that has noise restrictions in place, you may want to consider those restrictions when purchasing a Bengal cat. You might not realize this, but Bengal cats are very vocal creatures and they can get very loud when they're vocalizing with you. If you're not sure about the noise level, be sure to talk to other Bengal cat owners to get a feel for how loud your new cat will be.

Be Ready for an Active Hunter

If you're going to be purchasing a Bengal cat with a lower "F" rating, you'll need to be ready to own an active hunter. Bengal cats love to hunt, especially when they're given room to roam freely outside. That means you may end up with a few dead creatures on your porch, or even in your house. It also means that your cat will instinctively hunt any small creatures you have as house pets. The best way to avoid this situation is to avoid bringing small pets, such as hamsters, into your home once you own a Bengal cat.

Consider Their Need for Attention

When you bring your Bengal cat home, it's going to want a lot of attention. Bengal cats aren't like your typical cats that prefer to be left alone. Bengal cats are very social animals and they need lots of love and attention. To keep your new feline friend happy, be prepared to spend some time each day providing snuggles to your Bengal.

For more information about caring for your Bengal cat, contact organizations like Spot O' Luck.