Have An Ever-Changing Work Schedule? Find A Suitable Dog Boarding Facility

Owning a dog and finding a dog boarding facility that can meet your needs is somewhat easy when you have a standard and reliable work schedule. But your requirements may be a lot different when you have an ever-changing work schedule, which means you will want to look around until you find a dog boarding service that is able to accommodate your unique situation.

Pickup and Drop-Off

With a standard work schedule, you may be able to drop your dog off in the morning before you head into work or make your way to the airport for a business trip. But your work schedule may have you going into work in the afternoon, evening, or even in the middle of the night. This means that you will need to find a dog boarding facility with drop-off options around these hours.

At the same time, you may leave for work or get back home from a business trip all around the clock, so you will want to be able to pick up your dog whenever you are ready. A dog boarding facility must have employees working throughout the day and night for this to be an option. This should help you narrow down your options as some facilities will be more focused on daycare.


Even when you are able to plan a nighttime drop-off a week or two in advance, you may need the ability to communicate with employees for dog boarding on short notice. Being able to call the dog boarding facility at any time to schedule a pickup or drop-off is ideal for your situation.

While a phone call may provide you with the fastest response to any questions or concerns, you will benefit from finding a facility that can communicate with you in numerous ways. Being able to talk through email, text messages, or even online chat through a facility's website is helpful.


When you bring your dog to a facility to stay for half a day, you may not worry about them needing a bath or extra socialization because you can handle these things after picking them up. But when you are sent on a business trip, you may want these services to be available. This will give you confidence that your dog will get everything they need during their dog boarding stay.

Looking for a dog boarding facility with these qualities is important for finding a place that will work with your ever-changing work schedule.